ACT Peak Oil Inc. exists to raise awareness and educate about the peak of world oil production, its implications, and the options for mitigation, within an environmental, economic and social context.

Peak Oil FAQs

What is peak oil?
Peak Oil is the point where the world has reached peak extraction of oil - half of the world's oil supplies will have been extracted and production will forever decline afterwards. The theory and observations began with primarily with the work of M. King Hubbert who in 1956 predicted that conventional oil extraction in the lower 48 states of the US would peak around 1970 – production peaked in 1971.

Extraction from oil fields follows a bell curve. A collection or region of individual oil fields will also follow a bell curve and with enough data a curve for oil extraction for the entire world can be developed. Increasingly evidence is providing a picture that oil extraction has either peaked or will peak by 2010.

Oil crisis missing from National Capital plans

The National Capital Authority is seeking public comment on its strategic blueprint for future planning of Canberra, called The Griffin Legacy.

ACT Peak Oil will be making a submission to this process. We are concerned that no account has been taken of the coming impact of high oil prices. Would the proposed NCA vision be made irrelevant by petrol at $3/litre, or $10/litre?

Any comments you have about the plan would be welcome and considered for inclusion in our submission.

For more see the National Capital Authority.

The Collapsing Bubble: Growth and Fossil Energy

A short examination of the inter-relationship between population, growth and fossil fuels that does not offer any real insight into the problems or provide more than a basic overview of the available information. out of - AKR

New site

Welcome to the new ACT Peak Oil site. We will be adding new content and features progressively so check regularly.

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