Oil crisis missing from National Capital plans

The National Capital Authority is seeking public comment on its strategic blueprint for future planning of Canberra, called The Griffin Legacy.

ACT Peak Oil will be making a submission to this process. We are concerned that no account has been taken of the coming impact of high oil prices. Would the proposed NCA vision be made irrelevant by petrol at $3/litre, or $10/litre?

Any comments you have about the plan would be welcome and considered for inclusion in our submission.

For more see the National Capital Authority.

Submissions due soon

Currently there are a number of processes underway, one of which is simplifying the National Capital Plan:


This is essentially a process to determine how planning should be done in the first place. One suggestion could be to incorporate starting assumptions into the process, explicitly. Are existing planning processes implicitly assuming petrol will remain cheap and the car will be the dominant transport mode?

Submissions close tomorrow.

The other processes are requesting comment on plans for specific parts of the City:


Submissions close September 29.