SEE-Change in Canberra

In response to Peak Oil, many people are undertaking "relocalisation".

In Canberra, the SEE-Change initiative could form the basis for such an effort locally. It is described by Prof. Bob Douglas:

"Solving the social, economic and environmental issues now confronting Australia and the world cannot be left to the experts and the politicians. Ordinary people must take action. If we are to get ourselves out of the mess we are in, people power needs to cut in.

SEE-Change is a new way of encouraging communities to become involved in finding solutions to some of the serious issues that we are now facing....

The SEE-Change movement is about translating scientists’ concerns about the state of the planet and its human inhabitants into understanding and action at the suburban and community level."




I look forward to signing up a Canberra relocalisation group to join the global Relocalization Network. We currently have 5 groups in Australia and three in New Zealand, with more groups in process as we speak. With these groups striving to produce and consume locally, and helping other groups around the world doing the same, we have a chance to make a real difference in Australia. I would like to see a Canberra relocalisation group become a powerful and influential force in Australia- its the most obvious location for the greatest effect!

Andi Hazelwood
Relocalization Network Australasian Regional Coordinator
Post Carbon Institute

Local Communities. Global Connections.