Reply from Minister Turnbull on Oil Depletion Protocol

Earlier this year ACT Peak Oil delivered copies of The Oil Depletion Protocol by Richard Heinberg to a number of federal MPs. So far we have received one response, from Minister Turnbull.

Minister for the Environment and Water Resources

Mr Alex Pollard
ACT Peak Oil

Dear Mr Pollard

Thank you for your letter of 20 June 2007 concerning global oil production and for the copy of Richard Heinberg’s book Oil Depletion Protocol.

The Australian Government is aware of the importance of liquid fuels to the Australian economy and is putting in place a range of policies aimed at strengthening the capacity of the economy to adapt to, and benefit from, changes in the world energy market. This energy policy framework is articulated in the policy white paper, Securing Our Energy Future, which introduced initiatives to diversify and expand the nations energy resource base.

The Government is also committed to monitoring and evaluating the energy situation; to improving the transparency and efficient operation of energy markets; and to promoting the development and application of a broad range of indigenous energy resources and advanced energy technologies.

Support for renewable energy technologies is also helping to diversify the available energy mix. Following a recent report by the Biofuels Taskforce, for example, the Government reaffirmed the 350 million litres (ML) biofuels target and agreed to facilitate a Biofuels Industry Action Plan. Aggregate projections in the Action Plan show that the ethanol industry is forecast to exceed the 350 ML target by 2010, underlining stakeholder optimism about the future.

The Government is also introducing measures to improve energy efficiency as a means of reducing our overall energy needs through initiatives aimed at lowering demand for oil in the transport sector, including a demand management programme designed to reduce reliance on cars and encourage people to make more informed choices about other forms of transport.

In conclusion, the Government has a broadly based strategy to improve the operation our energy markets and to diversify our energy mix, so that Australia is well prepared to deal with the changing dynamics of global oil supplies.

Yours sincerely

Malcolm Turnbull

Letter from the Hon. Malcolm Turnbull


Richard Heinberg on Lateline

Richard Heinberg has appeard on ABC Lateline tonight to discuss peak oil. Discussion turned to the proposed Oil Depletion Protocol.

ACT Peak Oil can report that the Protocol has in fact reached the halls of Parliament in Canberra.

Our submission to the Senate oil inquiry in 2006 advocated a leading role for Australia in developing such a protocol.

And as seen above, we delivered copies of Mr Heinberg's books to several Federal MPs last year.