Strategies for Sustainability with Nicole Foss

Strategies for Sustainability
Nicole Foss
Sunday, 7 April 2013
It is no secret that we are living in interesting and challenging times, and collaborative strategies for sustainability are what we need if we are to address our planetary emergency head-on. 


Nicole Foss, an internationally recognised expert on sustainability and finance, is returning to Mulloon Creek Natural Farms to explain the links between the converging pressures facing the globe - peak oil, financial crisis, and climate change - and the implications for our everyday lives and what we can do to address them.

Nicole will be presenting as part of the Sustainability Showcase event series which provides a non-profit communication platform, not dissimilar to TED or TEDx, for individuals and representatives of groups to present, and seek support for, their own strategies for shifting society toward a paradigm of sustainability. 

The event series intends to bring together like and unlike-minds under the umbrella of shared intent, goals and understandings, and with the stated objective to converge, rather than compete, for strategic solutions.

Nicole will present alongside Tony Coote, Elisabetta Faenza and Professor Bernard King.

Sustainability Showcase attendees will be treated to a full-day of presentations, participation, and networking, and can expect to be inspired by strategies for sustainability.
The schedule for this event is:


Speaker 1: Tony Coote - Natural Sequence solutions to flood, fire and drought - With 35 years experience on the land, Tony Coote AM, will share how Natural Sequence Farming and Biodynamic techniques can assist in flood, fire and drought management of the landscape 
Break for Morning tea 
Speaker 2: Elisabetta Faenza - More than Green, Food for Thought - In this thought-provoking 45 minute presentation Elisabetta will challenge you to go 'beyond green,' and 'be the revolution' you want to see in the world. 
Speaker 3: Prof Bernard King  - Integrated Predictive Modelling - How Integrated Predictive Modelling is dissolving knowledge silos, leading to a deeper understanding of both the problems facing our planet and possible solutions. 
Break for Lunch 
Roundtable/breakout sessions
Break for Afternoon tea 
Speaker 4: Nicole Foss - Strategies for Sustainability -  Explaining the links between the converging pressures facing the globe and what we can do to address them 
Tickets are $25 per person ($20 for early bird purchases).